Art of Awareness



My entry into the Art of Awareness exhibition competition held at Townsville campus of JCU.


Recipes for generating global-scale solutions;

– planetary systems beyond sustainability.

Artist: Glistening Deepwater, Cairns JCU.

Inspired by high level generalisations of global systemic crisis issues, and particularly by some emerging attempts to put these in context. Designed as a wireframe for the instigation of discussions toward generating implementable solution pathways.

This “recipe book” is really a list of ingredients, the methods for combining and processing these ingredients will emerge from the discussions it hopes to inspire. This concise overview outlines the proposed research direction the artist intends to pursue and condenses the results of 7 years of active research to date. It is presented as a lightly tossed and underdressed “word salad” which hopes to pique the curiosity!

The “book” is a series of inkjet printed digital drawings on canvas paper with acrylic paint glazes and felt tip marker. Please leaf through it’s pages, any marks your fingers may make upon the paper will add to the aspiring collaborative character of the work.

The artist welcomes contact with those who are also inspired to understand the integrated systemic nature of this beautiful planet, and the influence, both actual and potential, that the human race has upon it.



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